What is your greatest job as a parent?

Posted on April 30, 2018

What is your greatest job as a parent? For me the answer to this question was simple, supporting the growth of two healthy, happy and kind human beings.

However, over the past months I’ve realized that this is not enough. As a mom, I believe that my now, two young adults should also be active members of society and their community. And I believe this starts at home.

Showing my two sons my involvement in local and state elections, talking about key issues in our community, and sharing my observations during dinner time are the best ways to engage with them and teach them the importance of voting.  That is why I believe taking the time to learn more about local and state candidates and their positions on key issues to our community is so important.

Before the upcoming runoff election in the Democratic race for House District 46, I want to learn about each candidates’ thoughts on education and hear more about their plans and vision for our district.

My father was a first-generation college graduate, and I know firsthand that education opens the doors to great opportunities. That is why I joined the board of Austin Achieve, a public charter school in House District 46 where many students will be the first in their families to attend college. I passionately believe that public education is the best investment we can make in our communities, and it opens a world of opportunities for all students.

Our community’s needs and challenges are different than in other parts of our great city of Austin and in other parts of the state. I believe that access to a free, quality public education should be an opportunity granted to all. That is one of the reasons I support Austin Achieve Public Schools, because we meet our scholars and their families where they are.

Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, and I believe we can work on an individual level with our children and at the community level with our neighbors. I know many of you are just as passionate about education and this upcoming election your vote matters! Next week, I will have the pleasure of moderating a forum in House District 46 for the upcoming May 22nd Runoff Election. This forum will allow constituents in to connect with the candidates seeking to represent our district, where I live. I know the importance of voting, because our future state representative will have the responsibility to make decisions which will affect my family and our community.

That is why I want you to join me in voting this May.  Like my family, I want you to get involved!

Let’s make sure we’re asking all of our elected representatives for the resources and policies needed to make education work for everyone!


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