In Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week

Posted on May 10, 2018

Most people would agree that teachers don’t go into the profession because they expect to get rich. The work requires passion and the drive to serve all students. Wayside Schools’ Altamira Academy in Austin is fortunate to have just such a person—Coach BJ Alzaid, or Coach A, as the kids call him.


BJ has served as the P.E. and health instructor on the campus since its inception in 2015. Over the years, he has worn many hats as the campus has evolved from a brand new Pre-K to second grade campus, to today when he serves students through fourth grade. In addition to his teaching duties, Coach A plans our Veteran’s Day celebrations; seen great success providing support for academically struggling students; coordinates a school-wide field day every year; establishes and coaches the first basketball teams on campus; is a role model and mentor to students and he has been a strong advocate for charter schools. He has undertaken all of this while commuting from San Antonio to Austin daily.

Coach A has been instrumental in rallying, empowering and coordinating parents on campus to use their voices to support public charter school students. He has encouraged them to contact legislators about the inequities public charter schools face and he has worked to help dispel some of the myths that surround our schools. Coach A refuses to accept any credit for these efforts and always feels like there was more he could have done to ensure that everyone knows about the good work being done at public charter schools, in spite of the more stringent accountability measures and vastly lower resources these school are provided with to accomplish this work

While he’s never one to seek the limelight or glory, Altamira, Wayside schools and charters across the state are lucky to have Coach A in their corner.

-Michelle McCurdy, Proud Wayside Altamira Parent



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