Early Voting May 2018

Posted on May 14, 2018

To all of our Valued Charter School Families!

If I have learned anything as charter school superintendent, it's that elected officials play a critical role in our lives and the lives of our children. This is why I urge you to turn out to the polls for the upcoming May runoff elections, and for other future elections.  This week, you have the opportunity to exercise your right to vote in the primary runoffs. Early voting starts TODAY May 14th and runs through May 18th. Election Day is May 22. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

State lawmakers make critical decisions that affect public school children like the ones that attend my public charter school. This is one of the primary reasons that drives me to the polls for early voting every voting cycle. It's also why I make sure our parents have a chance to get to know what the issues are that impact them and their chosen charter school through workshops and newsletters. Does your charter school offer you that? If not, ask your school leaders to contact Martha Fernandez at mfernandez@txcharterschools.org for more information on how to become more informed on education issues that impact your child. 

The critical decisions made by our state leaders impact the levels of funding that makes it to our classrooms and ultimately, the quality of education our children are able to receive. As a school leader I care about the decisions made in Congress, the Texas Legislature, and at the local level. I know you care as well.

Voter turnout is traditionally low for Texas primaries, for both the March primaries and the runoffs in May. We need ALL registered voters to know what issues will impact public education and to send legislators the message that you want what's best for your children and their education.

Our future depends on every one of us turning out for our children and their schools.

Not sure what the issues are that impact public education? Textcountmeinto 52886 and the Texas Charter Revolution team will keep you informed, engaged and empowered.  You can also text “elected” to 52886 to find out who currently represents you in government and learn more about where they stand on different issues.

Thank you in advance for helping us become a stronger voice together to help strengthen our public education system!

Dr. Rebecca Good                                                                   

Advocacy Chair, TCSA


Legacy Prep Charter Academy


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